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Volunteers are very important to the Oregon Conference and our focus on It's All About Jesus. Keep reading for ways you can be involved with conference activities as a volunteer.

Step 1: Decide when and what volunteer opportunity you are available to help at camp meeting. Volunteers are needed in every area during camp meeting. Below are basic descriptions of the different areas and needs with minimum age requirements if appropriate.

  • Children's Division
  • Youth / Collegiate
  • Hospitality (16 years old +):  If you like working with people, hospitality might be the perfect place for you. Hospitality team members perform various functions that are all about making people feel welcome here at camp meeting and helping them with whatever they need help with. Specific responsibilities include taking camp site reservations and payments, attending campus gates, helping people find the meetings, buildings and information they are looking for, and answering lots of questions.
  • Hospitality Campsite Host (21 years old +):  Camp site hosts stay in the campground to provide assistance for the campers in their section or anyone else needing help. Specific responsibilities include checking in campers in your section(s), helping campers park their RVs and set up their tents, and providing information and directions as needed.
  • Safety / Security (18 years old +):  Responding to calls for service, patrolling grounds, identifying violations and reporting / correction, supervising campus gates.
  • Nurse / EMT:  You must have a valid license to volunteer as a nurse or EMT. Typical responsibilities include helping with minor or serious injuries, calling additional help when needed, and assisting those with medical conditions as needed.
  • Dispatcher (18 years old +):  Sending and receiving radio messages from security and hospitality.
  • Messenger (15 years old +):  Basic responsibilities include delivering messages, documents, etc. on foot to people, departments, etc. throughout the campgrounds.
  • Prayer Ministries

Step 2: Complete the camp meeting volunteer participation form online.

Step 3: Fill out the Background Check form for volunteers. Before you begin volunteering for the Oregon Conference we need to have a copy of your background check on file. Minors also need a complete parental consent form. Print out the needed form(s) below, fill them out and mail the original signed copy to the Oregon Conference office, ATTN: Lisa Rodriguez, 19800 Oatfield Rd., Gladstone, OR 97027.

Camp Meeting Participation Forms

All those participating in camp meeting need to register using one of the forms below so that we can arrange for lodging, meals, ID cards and parking as needed.

Camp meeting volunteers. Volunteers need to complete the Volunteer Registration Form so that we can make sure everything is ready to go by camp meeting time including a current background check on file.

Pastors employed by the Oregon Conference. Registration is now closed (as of April 18, 2019). Questions? Contact Lisa Rodriguez at: lisa.rodriguez@oc.npuc.org

Camp meeting presenters. Each department should complete the camp meeting presenter form for any one who will be speaking for your department during camp meeting so we can make sure we have everything ready for them when they get on campus.

Seasonal camp meeting staff. Those that work for us just during the summer also need to fill out a seasonal staff registration form so that we can make sure everything is ready to go by camp meeting time including a current background check.

Oregon Conference office employees. Oregon Conference office employees who will be participating in or attending camp meeting should fill out the employee registration form so that we can make arrangements for your ID card, parking pass, etc.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the grounds. Connect to the CAMPMEETING network
: prontopups2019

Be a Good Neighbor

If you are parking in the Gladstone Community, please do not park in such a way that will block driveways or access roads. Gladstone welcomes us each year as we double their population, so please help us make the impact on the City of Gladstone a positive one!

Animals & Pets

Animals and pets are NOT allowed at camp meetings with the exception of certified assistance animals. Comfort, therapy and emotional support animals DO NOT meet the definition of an assistance animal under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Learn more

Lost & Found

Lost and found items can be turned in at the InfoCenter. Items not claimed by 11 am on Sunday are taken to the Oregon Conference headquarters and held for three (3) months, before being donated to PACS.

Gladstone Gazette

The Gladstone Gazette can be found in the Gazette distribution boxes around campus each morning starting on Tuesday during general camp meeting.