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  • Connected - Are you doing something to help children stay connected to their church family? Please call 503-850-3537, email or text me to tell me about it. As our time apart lengthens we need to do our part to make sure children and families stay connected to Jesus and the church.
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PIVOT will inspire and encourage you. Listen to keynote speaker Pastor Manny Cruz and dedicated breakout presenters who are passionate about ministering to children. You will be equipped to minister to the children you serve in powerful ways as the Holy Spirit leads us to pivot with Him. There are 31 videos to view with 7 of them in Spanish.

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Lending Vault Resources

We reopened our Lending Vault Resources to the Children's Ministries leaders on June 1, 2021. Resources are available on a Tuesday morning from 10:30am-12:00pm by appointment. Please telephone or text (503) 539-3106 to make an appointment. Right now we are concentrating on those churches having VBS or who are doing the Jamii Kingdom Camp Meeting.

Our Lending Vault is a service we provide for our churches to help offset costs for event programing. This includes VBS kits, backdrops, stuffed animals and costumes.  It is $20 per borrowing trip. We rely on the careful care of those who borrow, to return them in a timely manner and to follow the care instructions for each.  This is a local service and requires on site pick up and return. It is not a mailed lending service.  Please fill out this form to request using our Lending Vault Resources in Children’s Ministries. This will help us to serve you better and see if we have the items you are requesting.  We will contact you further once this form is fully filled out. Thank you to those who help sustain this program by donation and using the service. NOTE: during the month of July borrowing from our vault is closed the 3rd through the 5th week each year.

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The Adventurer program was created to assist parents in their important responsibilities as their child’s primary teachers and evangelizers.

Learn more about the Adventurer program

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Welcome to Cactusville, one of the most adventurous towns in the Southwest! Cactusville is a mining town tucked away in the desert where the sun is always shining, the skies are bright blue, and the peaks of the surrounding mountains look like broken spurs. Yee-haw! Kids will experience a rip roarin’ good time while learning that they are called by God. They are called to be unconditionally loved and accepted, whoever they are. God’s calling includes a revelation of His unique purpose for each and every child. Each day your Buckaroos and Li’l Cowpokes will discover a special way in which God has called them. They will learn how they can accept and live out this calling while enjoying Bible treasure huntin’ Cactusville adventures!

Special Offer VBS Leaders!

There was a Cactusville VBS Tour for local church VBS leaders on April 15. Brought to you by NAD Children's Ministries.
You can watch it here

Experience amazing Bible adventures, unforgettable foot stompin', knee slappin' songs, window shop at the Trading Post Craft station, see the menu at the Chuck Wagon Snacks, getty up and go with foot stompin' games and take a rest at Sunset Canyon Prayer Station!

Entrenamiento de Escuela Biblica de Verano Cactusville Version Digital

NAD Children's Ministries.
Puedes verlo aqui

Experimenta increíbles historias Bíblicas, Cantos inolvidables, ve de compras por tu manualidad en la Tienda de Intercambio, saborea el menú en la Carreta de Alimentos, llega taconeando a jugar al Corral y ¡tomate un descanso orando en el Cañón de Puesta de Sol!

Cactusville VBS Preview

List of VBS' Taking Place in the Oregon Conference

The list below shows what churches are holding VBS this year, along with what program they are doing and then the date their VBS is taking place.

  • Albany - Heroes - June 14-18
  • Beaverton -Cactusville - July 5-10
  • Crosswalk, Portland - Arctic - July 19-24
  • Gaston, Forest Grove, Hillsboro - Rocky Railway - June 21-25
  • Gladstone - NAD Field Test theme - August 2-6
  • Lebanon - Rocky Railway - August 2-7
  • McMinnville - Heroes - TBD
  • Meadow Glade - Rocky Railway - June 20-25
  • Molalla - Rocky Railway - August 2-6
  • Redmond - TBD - July 19-24
  • Sandy - Recued Safe in Jesus - June 21-25
  • Springfield - Wilderness Escape - July 26-31
  • The Roc - Knights of North Castle - August 2-6
  • Tillamook - Rainforest Explorers - June 12, 19, 26, July 3
  • Vancouver Spanish - Roar - August 20-24

Sabbath School

Beginner Ages birth – 2 years old.

Kindergarten Ages 3 – 4 years old.

Primary Ages 5 – 9 years old.

Junior Ages 9 – 12 years old.

Content for All Sabbath Schools

Lessons, videos, podcasts, craft ideas and more you will find in the Oregon Conference Children's Ministries Newsletter each week for all the kids sabbath school programs. View the Newsletter here or get on the mailing list to receive it in your email.

CM Coordinator Job Description

View the Children's Ministries coordinator job description.  (PDF)

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Training Courses

These self-guided courses provide solid, practical and creative preparation for immediate implementation in your local Sabbath School.

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We really value your opinion so we know how to equip, resource and inspire you in your ministry to children.

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Ears that Hear

By Shirley Allen
Oregon Conference Children's Ministries Director

Ears that hear and eyes that see-the Lord has made them both. Proverbs 20:12

I have read that attentiveness is listening with our ears and watching with our eyes. I noticed recently that my son and daughter-in-law have the habit of saying something to my granddaughter and if she is not looking at them or paying attention they will point at their eyes and then point at her eyes to make sure she is not only listening but looking as well. That way she actually hears.

I still remember the incident. I was making a meal, stirring something in a pot on the stove. My youngest son, still a toddler wanted to tell me something. I had my back turned to him. He tugged and tugged on my clothes until I turned around, picked him up, and he could look me in the eye. He knew then that he had my undivided attention. Then he said what he wanted to say and was happy to be put down on the floor again

I learned a lesson from him that day. God would love our undivided attention. I am too distracted, too busy multi-tasking that I miss so much that God is trying to tell me, so much of what he is showing me.

Lord, please help me to have ears that hear your voice, and eyes that see you at work in people, in nature and in your Word today.

While we are teaching our children about attentiveness this month in the packets that they willreceive, it’s a great reminder for us to do the same.

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Download and read all the stories that have been written for this series, as they come available:

Rob Zama wrote the Attentiveness stories for June.

Sincere Listening (pdf)

Quality Time (pdf)

Eyes That See (pdf)

Emily Ellis wrote the Honesty stories for May.

Affirm People's Stories (pdf)

She was Honest About the Whole Ordeal (pdf)

Honest With Myself (pdf)

Honest in the Moment (pdf)

Honesty (pdf)

Sara Withers wrote the Forgiveness stories for April.

A Quite Imperfect World... (pdf)

Forgive Our Debts... especially ourselves (pdf)

Learning to Apologize (pdf)

Accepting an Apologize (pdf)

Jana Lee wrote the Triumphal Entry stories for March.

The Triumphal Entry (pdf)

The Last Supper (pdf)

The Moment it Happened (pdf)

Christ Rests (pdf)

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Special Needs – Possibility Ministries

3-part series with Linda Schaffner, NAD presenter

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Bouncing Back and Gaining Momentum with Children's Ministries - for leaders

Amazing African Adventure

Toddler - Ages Birth - 2 "Noah and the Animals"

There are one or two changes each day even though the opening and closing are the same.

Preschool - Ages 3-5 "Jamii Kingdom Watoto Way"

Elementary - Grades 1-4 "Jamii Kingdome"

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