Welcome to Gladstone Camp Meeting!

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This year, Gladstone Camp Meeting will take us straight to the heart of the Christian journey: Loving Jesus and Loving Others. It’s part of our Oregon Conference mission statement and we're going to take a look at what it means in our daily lives.

The 7 am devotionals will be presented by some of our female pastors in the Oregon Conference. These dynamic women will inspire us to love God more deeply.

At 9 am, Gary Parks, Oregon Conference relational ministries director, will mentor us in developing more meaningful connections with the people around us. He'll be showing us how the love of God creates the opportunity for us to experience emotional healing, relational wholeness and life more abundant while learning to love others better.

In the Holden Center, Pastor Shantel Smith will inspire our young adults in their walks with God, and throughout the week, our younger kids’ divisions will go on an interactive intergalactic journey, discovering God’s plan for them. This year, Adventurer-aged children will even get the chance to earn their astronomy award! (There's star-gazing planned!) Visit the daily schedule

Each day will end with inspiring worship in the Plaza Pavilion. Pastor Mark Witas, lead pastor at Sunnyside Adventist Church in Portland, will be our featured speaker. Mark is an engaging storyteller with a passion for revealing the loving character of God. His message each evening will challenge us toward loving Jesus and loving others more deeply. If you are unable to join us in person, please watch via our live stream each evening beginning at 7 pm.

On Sabbath afternoon, the Plaza Pavilion will host a Gladstone Homecoming Concert. The concert will include local musicians and vocalists with special guests Larry Ford of the Gaither Music Homecoming series. View special events

President's Welcome

I have been attending camp meeting from the time that I was just a few days old. Shortly after my parents brought me home from the hospital they made the two hour drive to the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy to the Washington camp meeting to show me off to my grandma and aunts. As a growing child, camp meeting experiences rank among my most memorable childhood recollections. Running around with new friends, playing games, attending exciting meetings led by enthusiastic pastors, volunteers and speakers who's one goal was to pass along through music, messages and activities, how much Jesus loved and valued me (and every child). During my childhood years camp meeting was a formative time. As a teen, becoming even more aware of my own responsibility to choose Jesus, the camp meeting experience was a solidifying time. The worship and messages were even more impactful as camp meeting circuit stars like Dick Duerksen (never dreamed I would one day serve on the same team with him) would creatively deliver Bible messages that captivated and convicted my curious adolescent mind and heart. As a young adult, camp meeting became a time when I began to serve as a volunteer. Then as a pastor, I had the precious opportunity to pour into the next generations in the same way that those before me had done for me—beginning in Primary, then Juniors, Youth and finally landing in Young Adults (I have to admit, the most fun years serving were in Primary, where 7-9 year olds are so enthusiastically wide-eyed and open-hearted!) In my past decade as a Conference leader, my passion for camp meeting has continued. I love seeing people of every age experience the joys of gathering for pronto pups and pulpit potlatch, fellowship and worship. It is a time to be regenerated by a fresh helping of God's amazing Good news that—it's all about Loving Jesus and others! May this year's camp meeting be such a time of refreshing for you.

Pastor Dan Linrud


Wi-Fi is available throughout the grounds. Connect to the network: CAMPMEETING and use password: prontopups2019

Be a Good Neighbor

If you are parking in the Gladstone Community, please do not park in such a way that will block driveways or access roads. Gladstone welcomes us each year as we double their population, so please help us make the impact on the City of Gladstone a positive one!

Animals & Pets

Animals and pets are NOT allowed at camp meetings with the exception of certified assistance animals. Learn more

Lost & Found

Lost and found items can be turned in at the InfoCenter. Items not claimed by 11 am on Sunday are taken to the Oregon Conference headquarters and held for three (3) months, before being donated to PACS.

Gladstone Gazette

The Gladstone Gazette can be found in the Gazette distribution boxes around campus each morning starting on Tuesday during general camp meeting.

Gladstone Today

Gladstone Today is a daily broadcast featuring news and features from around camp meeting. It happens live at 6:40 PM from the Gladstone Today set at the Plaza Pavilion,  View the show in person at the Plaza Pavilion or join us online on Facebook or at OregonAdventist.org.