Gladstone Camp meeting 2022

Camp meeting is coming back to Gladstone in 2022!

Campestre Hispano – July 14 – 16, 2022
English Gladstone Camp Meeting – July 19 – 23, 2022

We're excited to be planning to welcome our Oregon Conference family back to Gladstone for camp meeting this year. While plenty remains uncertain, we are making plans to enjoy a safe, enriching, in-person camp meeting experience.

Speakers this year include:
Kevin Wilfley, Randy Maxwell, Richie Halversen, Roscoe Shields, Jr, David Meinz, and many more!

Camp Meeting Needs Volunteers to Happen!

Every year, a successful camp meeting depends on hundreds
of faithful volunteers, who serve in every
capacity imaginable. This year is no different. The world
has changed since the last time we gathered.
In some ways, 2022 feels like a brand new experience.

We need more volunteers than ever to re-launch our
in-person camp meeting experience.

Besides, volunteers get some sweet perks.

Want to volunteer?
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Online Reservations are now available!

Gladstone Camp Meeting 2022
Daily Schedule

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Camp Meeting Special Events

There's so much to be excited about this year! Learn about special events happening during camp meeting this year!
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2022 Gladstone Family Fun Run

It's back and bigger and better than ever!
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Catch up on Previous camp Meetings

Watch 2021 Camp Meeting
on YouTube

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Speakers for adult seminars included:  
John Bradshaw from It Is Written. Derek Morris,
S. Joseph Kidder, Randy Hill, Tom Evans,
Andy Villanueva, Tim Taylor, Robert Zama,
Patricia Vasquez, Jim Reynolds, and Dan Linrud

Watch - Listen - Download Online
Camp Meeting 2020

Watch the kids programs and the full adult programs of camp meeting on YouTube or watch the edited adult events on Vimeo.


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