Gladstone Camp Meetings

SERVING Jesus and others. Actively responding to Jesus' call and peoples' needs.

  • Campestre Hispano    July 16 – 18, 2020
    Dr. Ricardo Norton
  • Gladstone Camp Meeting    July 21 – 25, 2020
  • Motorcycle Camp Meeting    August 21 – 23, 2020
    Pastor Tim Journey

Registration Forms

Camp Meeting Volunteers

Volunteers need to complete the Volunteer Registration Form so that we can make sure everything is ready to go by Camp Meeting time including a current background check on file.

Pastors Employed by the Oregon Conference

Pastors who are currently employed by the Oregon Conference need to complete the Pastor Registration Form so we know how to provide for you at Camp Meeting this year and can have as many things as possible ready to go when you get here.

Meeting Presenters for 2020 Camp Meeting

Each department should complete this form for anyone who will be speaking for your department during Camp Meeting so we can make sure we have everything ready for them when they get on campus.

Seasonal Camp Meeting Employee

Those that work for us just during the summer also need to fill out a registration form so that we can make sure everything is ready to go by Camp Meeting time including a current background check.

Oregon Conference Office Employees

Oregon Conference Office employees who will be participating in or attending Camp Meeting should fill out this registration form so that we can make arrangements for your ID card, parking pass, etc.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the grounds. Connect to the network: CAMPMEETING and use password: prontopups2019

Be a Good Neighbor

If you are parking in the Gladstone Community, please do not park in such a way that will block driveways or access roads. Gladstone welcomes us each year as we double their population, so please help us make the impact on the City of Gladstone a positive one!

Animals & Pets

Animals and pets are NOT allowed at camp meetings with the exception of certified assistance animals. Learn more

Lost & Found

Lost and found items can be turned in at the InfoCenter. Items not claimed by 11 am on Sunday are taken to the Oregon Conference headquarters and held for three (3) months, before being donated to PACS.

Gladstone Gazette

The Gladstone Gazette can be found in the Gazette distribution boxes around campus each morning starting on Tuesday during general camp meeting.

Gladstone Today

Gladstone Today is a daily broadcast featuring news and features from around camp meeting. It happens live at 6:40 PM from the Gladstone Today set at the Plaza Pavilion,  View the show in person at the Plaza Pavilion or join us online on Facebook or at