Camping at Camp Meeting

Gladstone camp meetings have been suspended for 2024.
No new reservations are being accepted at this time.
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If you already have an campsite reservation for 2024

All 2024 reservations have either been rolled over to 2025 or cancelled.

If your site was rolled over, you are still welcome to camp for the week of 2025 English Gladstone Camp Meeting (Sunday-Sunday) at no addtional charge.

For new 2025 reservations, we will be utilizing a new reservation system and pricing structure. The biggest change is that weekly rates will be eliminated. Each site will be offered on a per-night basis with slight increases on nightly charges. Following are the rate changes for 2025:

Site Type
2024 Rates:
2025 Rates:
• Tent 20x20
• RV No Hookups
• 20 amp
• 20 amp, Water
• 20 amp, Full Hookup
• 30 amp, Water
• 30 amp, Full Hookup
• 50 amp, Water
• 50 amp, Full Hookup
• $16 / $80
• $20 / $100
• $26 / $130
• $28 / $140
• $30 / $150
• $30 / $150
• $36 / $180
• $32 / $160
• $38 / $190
• $18
• $22
• $28
• $30
• $32
• $32
• $38
• $34
• $40

There is a minimum 5 night stay (Tues—Sun) for General Camp Meeting. If you want to pay for the extra nights to come in on Sunday before Camp Meeting, please keep in mind that the gates will NOT be open before 10:00am Sunday morning. Early arrivals and late departures must be approved prior to Camp Meeting by contacting Reservations.

Reservations, just for the last weekend, cannot be made until the Wednesday after Camp Meeting has started.

Reservation includes the option of bringing in your RV or setting up your tent after 10:00 AM the Sunday before camp meeting. The gates will NOT be open before 10:00 AM on Sunday. RVs and tents that come in before the Sunday before camp meeting will be charged the regular nightly fee for each night they are early. Early arrivals and late departures must be approved prior to camp meeting by contacting reservations.

You may cancel your reservation and receive a full refund up to two weeks before camp meeting begins. Cancellations within two weeks of the reservation date will receive a 50% refund in cases of emergency only.

You CANNOT roll your money over from one year to another if you are unable to attend. You CAN cancel and receive any applicable refund or you can sublet your site out to someone else for the current year and have them pay you the amount. However, if you cancel, you will lose the privilege of being able to renew the same site for the following year.

*Disclaimer:  Campsite size, location and hook-up information on this website is not guaranteed. If a campsite is not as described, we will do one of the following: refund the difference in price, OR move you to a site that is the correct size and/or hook-up, OR cancel your reservation and give you the standard 50% refund. We will continue to work on updating our campsite information and make changes as needed. Thank you for understanding.

Tent Sites

Tents sites are first come, first served which means you make your reservation in any tent section now, then choose your exact tent site in that section the day you arrive at Camp Meeting.

Tent camping Sections are: D, F, & I. View the campus map to see where these sections are.

Regular  |  No Hook-ups $18/night, minimum 5 nights

Electricity  |  Medical ONLY** $18/night, min. 5 nights, must call to reserve

Disabled  |  No Hook-ups** $18/night, min. 5 nights, must call to reserve

**NOTE: We have a limited number of sites for our disabled tent campers with easy access to the main bathroom/shower building. We also have a limited number of sites for our tent campers needing electrical hook-ups to run vital medical devices. These sites cannot be reserved online. Please call the reservations number to reserve one of these sites 503-850-3350.

RV Site Hook-ups

RV sites with hookups are in these Sections: B, C, J, M, N, & O

We have a variety of hook-up options for RVs, including no hook-ups, electricity and water, and full hook-ups (power/water/sewer). We have 20 amp, 30 amp and 50 amp electrical hook-ups. Not all hook-up options are available in all sections. For information on the different types of electrical hook-ups, go to this article: Basic RV Electricity.

For RVs hooking up to sewer: Oregon State RV Health policies state that all RV’s must be hooked into their sewer line with an approved attachment. Please help us by complying with this regulation.

No Hook-ups:  $22 per night, minimum 5 nights

20 amps:  Electricity $28/night  |  Electricity/Water $30/night  |  Full Hook-ups $32/night, minimum 5 nights

30 amps:  Electricity/Water $32/night  |  Full hook-ups $38/night, minimum 5 nights

50 amps:  Electricity/Water $34/night  |  Full hook-ups $40/night, minimum 5 nights

RV Rentals

If you would like to rent an RV for the week of camp meeting or any of our other events where camping is an option, the companies listed below have worked with us before and know the campground and our requirements.

RV Mobile Repair Companies

If you have issues with your RV and need a repairman, the following companies come to you.

Wayne’s Mobile RV Repair  |  503-665-8124

River City Mobile  |  503-446-2263

At Your Service Mobile RV Repair  |  360-993-5880

Reserving a Campsite

Gladstone camp meetings
have been suspended for 2024.

No reservations are currently being accepted. Reservation site is down for maintenance until further notice.

Gladstone Camp Meeting 2025

Spanish Language – July 17-19, 2025
English Language – July 22-26, 2025

Campground Guidelines

Animals and Pets at Camp Meeting

Only ADA certified service animals are allowed at camp meeting. Comfort, therapy and emotional support animals do not meet the definition of a service animal under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Other animals and pets are not allowed. All service animals must be registered with Locations during Spanish-language and English-language camp meetings and receive a tag that must be displayed whenever the service animal is on the grounds. If you have a service animal you must clean up after them.


We will not rent a campsite to anyone under the age of 18. Ages 17 and under may not camp overnight unless accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 21 who will remain on campus for the rental period.

Camp Fires and Outdoor Cooking

There are no fires allowed at the camp sites or anywhere else on the grounds during camp meeting and other Gladstone Park events. Cooking outside of an RV or building may be done during camp meetings in designated cooking areas on propane/white gas stoves or grills. If using a propane stove, the propane container must be kept upright at all times.

Use of Lanterns

Kerosene or “flammable” lanterns are NOT permitted. Please only use battery powered lanterns or flashlights.

Tent-Site Cooking

Cooking outside is allowed only in designated cooking areas. Cooking in restrooms or other campus buildings is prohibited. Washing dishes in the bathroom is prohibited.