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The World is Black and White
Dick Duerksen
February 17, 2022

My phone takes pictures in color. Yes, I can “adjust” them into black and white, but the first option is color.

Portland is On Fire
Dick Duerksen
October 22, 2021

Flaming at the Pittock Mansion

Burning in the Japanese Garden

Painting canvases Monet would covet

Framing waterfalls

Littering lawns


Portland is best

When The Creator sets it on fire!

To My Oregon Conference Brothers and Sisters....
Dan Linrud
September 3, 2021

To my Adventist and Christian brothers and sisters, this message comes straight from my pastoral heart.

Scientific Reasons to Get Out in Nature
January 18, 2019

This time of year it can be hard to get ourselves out the door and into the "wilds" for some fresh (maybe bracing) air, and exercise.