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Dan Linrud
Inflection PointsFeatures
Inflection Points

September 10, 2021

An “inflection point” in mathematics is “a curve at which a change in the direction of curvature occurs.” The more general definition would be that it is “a time of significant change in a situation; a turning point” Twenty years ago, we experienced a major inflection point for our nation. In recent years, we've seen many others.

To My Oregon Conference Brothers and Sisters....Views
To My Oregon Conference Brothers and Sisters....

September 3, 2021

To my Adventist and Christian brothers and sisters, this message comes straight from my pastoral heart.

As a spiritual leader, I am so deeply concerned for our faith family in this time, locally and beyond. Some may ask, why do you write here where anyone can see this? The reason: we should not suppose that the spirit and deeds of us as Christians or church members are unnoticed by our neighbors and communities. They hear us and see us. They’re listening and watching, looking for evidences of what it means to be Jesus’ followers.