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Trish Ballard
Administrative Assistant

Welcome to Sabbath School

Sabbath School in the Adventist Church started back in 1853 in upstate New York and now has an estimated 14 million believers. The adult Sabbath School program is made up of fellowship, community outreach, Bible study and foreign mission. We study our Bible along with the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide in a small group setting. Find a church near you.

You can get your Adult Bible Study Guide from your local Seventh-day Adventist church, in an app for your iPhone, iPad or android device or view it online or as a PDF.

Additional Sabbath School resources:

additional resources

Sabbath school – adult

A few resources to help you in leading or participating in adult Sabbath School at your local church.

ANF Submission Information

  • Send your ANF totals to the Oregon Conference the last week of each quarter on the Church Report Form (PDF). If your label count is received after totals are sent in, they will be saved and applied to the next quarter.
  • Mail the quarterly report to:
    Trish Ballard
    Ministerial and Sabbath School
    19800 Oatfield Road
    Gladstone OR 97027

Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF)
Label Redemption Program

This program includes labels from canned Worthington, Loma Linda and Caroline's. Atlantic Natural Foods will pay 25 cents per label collected.

Do not send labels to the conference office. Your church is responsible for keeping the labels for one year. You may discard labels after March 1 of the following year.

This program includes labels from canned Worthington, Loma Linda and Caroline's. Atlantic Natural Foods will pay 25 per label collected.

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ANF Investment Guidelines
The following information is given for the benefit of local church and conference investment leaders regarding the ANF reimbursement for UPC—bar code labels from their products.
Process at the local church
  • UPC/Bar Code Labels from Worthington, Loma Linda and Caroline's are collected by church members (removed from the product wrapping) and brought to your local church to support the Mission Investment Program.
  • The investment leader counts the labels quarterly and prepares a Church Report Form. This form is sent to your local conference office to the attention of the Sabbath School department.
  • The labels remain at the local church. You no longer have to send the labels anywhere. ANF has asked that the local church keep the labels that have been reported for one year in case any verification is needed. Then, the following year the labels can be destroyed and the next year's labels saved. Each label that is reported on the form will be reimbursed by Atlantic for Mission Investment at 25 cents each.
  • Please do not contact ANF with questions about the label program. They have asked that you contact either your local conference office (503) 850-3500 or the North American Division Stewardship department (301) 680-6432.

Label Investment Projects

The Label Investment Program provides all members an easy way to participate in raising funds for mission projects through their local church.  All they need to do is save the labels from items they are purchasing anyway!

The monies reimbursed for labels collected are used to help fund North American Division Mission Projects.

Heritage Health Foods

To participate in this program, you will fill out the Heritage Health Foods Church Report Form (PDF) and turn it in to the local conference office end of each quarter to the attention of Trish Ballard, Ministerial and Sabbath School, 19800 Oatfield Road, Gladstone OR 97027.

Please review and follow the Guidelines on the form to receive funds for the worthy project chosen.

Questions? Call Heritage Health Foods at (888) 237-0807.


The NORPAC label redemption program includes labels from Flav-R-Pac, Santiam and Westpac. Your church can participate in this program by dealing directly with NORPAC. They will pay 5 cents per label collected. Send labels directly to them between March 1 – 31 of each year.

NORPAC Label Redemption Form (PDF)

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Trish Ballard

Administrative Assistant

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