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Gladstone Campgrounds Fire Evacuation Site

Gladstone Campgrounds Fire Evacuation Site


UPDATE Sep. 24: Gladstone Campground Evacuation Site (Hope Valley) will be closed effective September 30, 2020 at noon.

The Oregon Conference is glad to serve the needs of evacuees by providing a safe, stable place for families with RVs to stay while navigating this crisis. While we care deeply about the families that have been staying in Hope Valley, we are only equipped to serve as a short-term site. That’s why we’ve been working behind the scenes with our partners at Clackamas County and the American Red Cross to make sure that when we reach the end of what we can offer, there is a solid plan to take care of the few families that still need support.

Today, we are confident that our partners have an effective transition plan in place to facilitate appropriate shelter for evacuees. This allows us to transition our energy toward longer-term support of fire victims. The state of Oregon has asked us to take the lead in donations management and warehousing in fire-affected areas of Oregon. As we begin to shift our focus toward this longer-term responsibility, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with state and local partners to continue to meet the needs of fire victims.

Gladstone Park Conference Center is open as a Clackamas County evacuation site for anyone evacuating from fires with an RV. The campground provides full hookups for RVs at no cost. Evacuees can access the evacuation site by driving up to 19500 Oatfield Rd., Gladstone, Oregon 97027. Don’t have any RV? Scroll down the page for other open evacuation sites.

Contact Information
If you have questions or need assistance on our campus, you can contact us at: On campus, you can email your questions or stop by camp headquarters to find on-site staff.

Services on the Gladstone Park Campus

  • Full RV hookups for all RVs
  • RV dump site
  • 24/7 Campus Security Team
  • First Aid available by contacting a staff member at headquarters on Main Street

Daily Schedule
12:15-1:00 PM – Lunch provided by World Central Kitchen
4:30 PM – Community Briefing with Gladstone Park Conference Center PIO and staff.
5:30-6:30 PM – Dinner provided by World Central Kitchen

Chaplaincy Services
Chaplains are available on campus to provide emotional and spiritual support to evacuees. Stop by the “white house” to request a chaplain.

Evacuation Site Rules

  • We have a bathroom location open. It is at the South end of the Valley. Help us keep them clean by using provided supplies to clean the door handles as you leave.
  • For the safety of all guests, please smoke in designated smoking area only.
  • If you brought your pet with you, please keep them on a leash when not in your RV. Also, we thank you for picking-up after your pet. 
  • Please supervise children at all times for their safety.
  • If you have any issues while you are staying with us, please stop by headquarters on Main Street or email us at

Lost & Found
Located at the HQ tent on Main Street.

Check Out Procedures
When you Check out of Camp, please use the following procedures.

  1. Get a trash bag from Headquarters tent. Please Pack out your trash.
  2. Ensure your electrical box is closed, turn off water spigot.
  3. Walk through campsite for any left-behind items.
  4. Check out at HQ with Kerry.
  5. Follow traffic signs to exit at north end of campus.


No physical donations are needed at Gladstone Park at this time. If you would like to help, you can donate to a fund to provide needed supplies at the evacuation site. Donate to the “Oregon ACS- Wildfire” Fund at this link.


The evacuation site is in need of volunteers to provide basic services to evacuees. Would you like to volunteer? Our volunteer registration process is:

Clackamas County Evacuation Information

For the latest information on fire and evacuation status in Clackamas County, check out the County wildfire site,


Returning to Your Home

Cleaning up After a Fire

Surviving a Crisis

Thanks to other organizations who have helped to serve our guests:

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