Where are your shoes?
Dick Duerksen
June 7, 2019

“It’s all about my shoes,” Huston explains. “Every night I placemy shoes far under the bed so that when I get up in the morning the first thingI do is kneel down to reach for my shoes. While I’m down there I stay awhile,talking to God about the day, asking Him to be my Guide, and then praying foreach member of my family.”

Tom Evans Accepts Position as Oregon Conference Outreach Ministries Director
June 5, 2019

On Tuesday June 4, the Oregon Conference Executive Committee “unanimously and enthusiastically” voted to invite Dr. Tom Evans to become the next Outreach Ministries Director of the Oregon Conference.

Señor Douglas: Shoemaker Turned Refugee Hero
May 23, 2019

Douglas is a funny little man with a slow shuffle and a soft voice. He's lived in Pamplona his whole life, in the same house. Unlike other shelter directors I've visited, Douglas was a little hesitant at first to give me a tour.